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25 июн 19:19
Research: Spain may Fail to Hit Its Target of a Budget Deficit of 5.3 Pct of Gdp

Quotes from Societe Generale Cross Asset Research:

-Spain has covered 60% of its 2012 financial needs. However, with a rapidly slowing economy, it may fail to hit its target of a budget deficit of 5.3% of GDP  (although  corrective measures already have been taken). Regional debt and liabilities, such as the FROB, must also be added.

-The IMF already has advised Spain to take further measures to narrow the budget deficit, such as increasing VAT and cutting public sector wages; however  the government would have a  tough time implementingthem, given the 24.4% unemployment rate and the risk of  social unrest. A sovereign bailout is thus a risk factor.

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